What is a CDN ?

The CDN is the abbreviation of “Content Delivery Network”. It is a content caching mechanism that is transmitted over the Internet. CDN services are distributed through different global nodes, which can effectively reduce the delay of content transmission and ensure that the website can be accessed at the same speed from any place in the world. Therefore, CDN features web browsing, effective diversion, high stability, and high security.

AmigoCDN Introduction

The AmigoCDN Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides a simple way for developers and enterprises to publish content to end users through a global node network, enabling low-latency, high-speed data transmission. With the AmigoCDN service, there is no minimum usage limit, which allows the customer effectively controls the cost of content delivery and provides flexible and rapid advantages.

AmigoCDN Advantages

90 CDN nodes worldwide

Up to 99.9% SLA service level agreements

Advanced user analysis report

Localized technical support services

Features of Services


Use node networks located around the world to cache your static content replicas near the viewer's nodes, shorten viewer’s downloading delays and instantly complete large-scale content delivery tasks.


Regardless of dynamic or static content, it’s using the same domain to point to all website content. Any configuration changes can be transmitted to the world in minutes and take effect immediately.


Pay only for the cost of delivered content over the Internet, no minimum spending commitments, and no prepayments, for any types of content, such as static content, dynamic content, streaming media, or applications.


The service automatically adjusts the server capacity in response to demand, uses multiple caches on each node, and compresses service requests for the same object before contacting the server to optimize infrastructure measures.


The use of decentralized nodes essentially automates the routing of end users to the nearest available nodes as required by the conditions of the network. The original request from the node to the origin server will be continuously monitored by the network path and optimized for availability and performance.

Global delivery

Using a global network of nodes, content can be delivered to end-users in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America with lower latency.

CDN - case study

Deliver your entire website or web application

Using AmigoCDN Global Content Delivery Network service, you can use just one single domain name to deliver static, dynamic, interactive content on your network or end-user can upload content to the original server without needing to separate static and dynamic contents; AmigoCDN service allows you to fine-tune the configuration of multiple original servers, thereby accelerating the download of the website and reducing the chance of the website being abandoned.

Publishing software or other large files

The AmigoCDN Global Content Delivery Network service is the best choice for users who want to distribute applications, updates, or other downloadable software to end users. The high speed data transfer rate of the AmigoCDN service accelerates your application downloads, improves customer experience, and lowers your costs.

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