Q. What is AmigoCDN?

    The AmigoCDN Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides a simple way for developers and enterprises to publish content to end users through a global node network, enabling low-latency, high-speed data transmission. With the AmigoCDN service, there is no minimum usage limit, which allows the customer effectively controls the cost of content delivery and provides flexible and rapid advantages.

Q. How do I get started with AmigoCDN?

  1. Click the “SIGN UP” button on the AmigoCDN page.

  2. After registration process, AmigoCDN will use Email for verification and will charge credit card for AmigoCDN usage.

Q. What is the pricing method with AmigoCDN?

    AmigoCDN offers you a pay-as-you-go approach pricing. You only pay for services you consume. The cost is calculated based on data transfer out to Internet (per GB). The monthly cost of AmigoCDN will be charge automatically to credit card.

Q. Have any termination Fees/On-demand pricing?

    There is no additional service charge once you terminate the content delivery service; which is different from traditional solution. We will not required for long term contract and you only pay for what you use. We have many customers enjoy AmigoCDN's business model.

Q. How do I get the invoice?

    AmigoCDN cost and usage reports provides information of last month's usage in the console. The report is available on 2nd date of each month.

Q. How do I invalidating files?

    In your distribution setting. The invalidating is on the tool bar. To invalidate files, you can specify either the path for individual files or a path that ends with the * wildcard, which might apply to one file or to many, as shown in the following examples:

    The path pattern must start with /




Q. How do I importing Certificates?

    In the Tool, the SSL Management is on bar。 Choose Create,Do the following:

  1. Name is custom name(a~z)

  2. For Certificate body paste the PEM-encoded certificate,as Certificate.、server.cer

  3. For Certificate Chain body paste PEM-encoded certificate chain.,as CertificateChain.、uca.crt

  4. For Private Key body paste the PEM-encoded, unencrypted private key that matches the certificate's public key.,as PrivateKey.、***.KEY

Q. How do I prevent AmigoCDN from cache?

    In your distribution setting. The Behaviors is on the tool bar. To set the whitelist / blacklist path , as shown in the following examples :

  1. /images

  2. /images/picture

  3. /images/picture.jpg

Q. Why does not caching of responses?

    A response can't be stored in AmigoCDN caches:

  1. The GET and HEAD HTTP methods cause cache lookups. Other methods such as POST and PUT do not.

  2. It has a Set-Cookie header.

  3. It has a Vary header with a value other than Accept, Accept-Encoding, or Origin.

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